Win at least 7 FREE days for your Staying in Elounda

  • Book 7 – 30 days and get the same days for FREE

  • For Bookings from 1st of October 2017 – 25 of April 2018 and upon Availability

  • Split your days/cost with your friends or family (No problem with us)

This Winter we have a  Shocking offer for your vacation in Elounda

Have a look at the available houses (you can use the request form from each house page)
request a booking using the form below.

Check for flights before request a booking!

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from 55€/night

from 90€/night

from 75€/night

from 65€/night

Are you interested? Hurry up! Bookings have already started!

Fill in the form below to Request a Booking and we will contact you for further details.

You can also use the booking form in each house page. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes it is true and No there is no catch. Hi, I’m George Sfirakis the owner of some traditional houses in Elounda. I want to ensure you that there is No Catch. We just want to offer you an amazing opportunity to meet us and visit our beautiful and quiet village, which is by the way one of the top destinations for vacations.

Yes this is correct. This offer is valid for Bookings from 1st of October 2017 – 25 of April 2018 and upon Availability. 

The only reason we didn’t gave you the same FREE days was probably because you asked for dates not in the giving Offer period or because dates were booked.

We can offer good deals though for your desired period. Just contact us

No, no worries. The booking form is just to inform us for your details and your prefered dates. No charges are made before we contact you and we decide of a payment method.

Just to note here: Before the prepayment you cannot secure your dates. Meaning that, if someone else before you decide to book, can and will book your dates. So decide as soon as possible!!

YES you may have free days, depending on our deal but Sorry Minimum days for staying with us and get the same FREE days is 7.
If you want to stay fewer days, we can make a better deal though (discount or 1-2 free days).

Yes of course. You can split your period the way you want, its ok with us. Just keep the max person / house and the accommodation rules as supposed to.

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