Crete has the best superfood and many Cretans are not even know it. We are talking for the Cretan rusk, olives, but also the olive oil, which has countless antioxidants.

Cretan Rusk(Dakos) and olive oil, which has been our decadent for many decades, is an excellent super food,” she said. Antonia Trichopoulou, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Nutrition at the University of Athens, and chairman of the Hellenic Foundation for Health, on the last day of Harvard University’s “Mediterranean Diet and Health” conference in Halkidiki, where olive oil and its hygienic properties dominated the papers (suggestions).

“We should not be overlooked that table olive contains all the antioxidants that may have lost an olive oil,” she said. Trichopoulou, who wanted to remind the value of the raw material. “I urge you to eat table olives, they might be small, but did you know that olives nutrition packs quite a healthy punch? It’s true. Known mostly for making versatile, beneficial olive oil, olives are bursting with rich phytonutrients and are known for their high vitamin E content, cancer-fighting antioxidants and cardiovascular benefits.”

Olives vs. Olive Oil
The distinction between the fruit and the oil lies in preparation and processing. There are pros and cons to both, but when consumed in recommended servings, they’re both incredibly beneficial to your health.


25 percent fat
Higher sodium: Olives are cured or pickled in salt
Olives have fiber, vitamin E, vitamin A, and are good sources of copper and calcium
Beneficial polyphenol content is lower than olive oil but polyphenols are still highly present in fruits harvested early and those that were irrigated properly
Olive Oil:

Almost 100 percent fat
Lower sodium: almost zero sodium
Beneficial polyphenols are preserved in extra virgin olive oil

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Cretan dakos, cretan’s traditional rusk


Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oils