Mountain Oxa

The picturesque and hospitable mountain with the height of 568 m with the ruins of the ancient Minoan town “Naxos” on its top is located to the S.W. side of Elounda and is the common meeting point of visitors, friends from Elounda, Limnes and Agios Nikolaos because of the religious festivities (Easter Friday – Virgin Mary) and the Holy Cross (14 September) twice a year.

The church on the top of Oxa  ancient stone on the mountain Oxa   One of the one hundred water tanks

The name “OXA” comes according to our traditions from corruption of the word “NAXOS” which was the name of the ancient Minoan town “NAXOS” synchronous of the ancient olous whose probably was the acropolis and was inhabited, after the earthquake of 1450 b.c., by the Oloundians because of the catastrophe of ancient olous.
Mythology says that “Naxos ” had been build by “Naxos” the son of Akakalidos, King Minos daughter.

“Naxia lithos” is the name given by the ancient Greek poeter Omiros for the stone (hard white “akoni”) which is excavated by the local people in mountainsides of Oxa and in the surrounding hills of Elounda.

The view from the mountain,some of the remains

Nowdays Oxa decorated by its wild nature, the Minoan ruins of ancient Naxos with the one hundred old stone rain water tanks (in one of them is hidden the treasure of the town) and the quaint old church of “Timios Stauros” (Holly Cross) is established as the traditional meeting point for the friends of Oxa twice a year.

The Panoramic view of Elounda and Agios Nikolaos, as from airplane, the unique landscape of the surroundings – old villages – valleys – islands of Elounda, Spinalonga, gulf of Mirabello and the endless blue horizon of Crete are extended in front of you and compose the most impressive and attractive scenery for romantic travelers, lovers of the nature, man and God from the unforgettable top of the rocky Oxa.