Slaughtered have found over the past few days more than 10 Caretta Caretta turtles, (12 or 13 as the information says) in recent days in Elounda.

The sea washed them in the channel that leads to the Elounda Salt. The streams that brought them to the spot was from Spinalonga.

The turtles are headed with a knife, so there is not involvement for snorkeling hunters, nor for boats.

The mayor of Agios Nikolaos, Antonis Zervos, spoke about the issue and said he was informed of the incident but was surprised at the number of slaughtered turtles because he had the impression that fewer animals were involved.

In fact, after communication with the port authority of Agios Nikolaos, he mentioned that all turtles were found in advanced sepsis and the port authority has already taken a decision to ban the fishing in the Gulf.