It all began when the wild cat was caught in a trap set by a shepherd. Once the rare animal was noticed, lot’s of commotion appeared all over Crete about the survivor of the extinct species.

This was quite alarming for the scientists of the Natural History Museum of Crete when  the shepherd contacted them about his find.

Tomorrow a group of experts will head to Omalos in Chania, Crete to properly examine the cat’s descendance  and to discover if really the legendary mountain cat of Crete.

The Cretan wildcat or Felis silventis cretensis is a subspecies of a different wild-eared animal that lives on the top of Crete’s white mountains, in the Rouvas forest and the gorge of Samaria.

In 1997 there was a possible victim to these cats and shepherds lose many small animals to them mainly in the South West areas of the island.

Fourogatos is larger than domestic cats. They grow up to 50cm in length and they have up to 30cm long tails. They feed on rabbits and love dense vegetation.