The top Cretan artist and singer Manolis Kaklis, was probably betrayed by his heart

Surprisingly, the great Artist of Cretan music Manolis Kaklis left at the age of 72. According to the first information, the leading artist and singer was betrayed by his heart.
The well-known artist went to “find” his daughter Marina when he lost her several years ago and this hard hit of fate almost kneeled him and left the musical scene.

He notes in an interview a couple of months ago on radio “yorkotos” questioned whether there were times when he thought to stop:

“No. Only once when something personal happened to me and I said: my mouth will remain close, my hands are tied and I do not deal with anything … But the love of the world, my friend Vitorus, my friends from Crete and from America, helped me overcome and fight it! Go back to the scene when I lost my child, my Marina, then I just said now it’s all over for me there’s nothing else. ”