Greek Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura recently presented the national and regional tourism policy for the development of Crete and its promotion as a 365 days a year destination.

Speaking during the 3rd Regional Conference on the Reconstruction of Production, a conference focusing on the development of Greece’s largest island, Minister Kountoura said that 2017 is a “spectacular year” for Greece with record numbers in arrivals and revenue.

She underlined that Crete is a leading destination in Greek tourism and this year welcomed a significant increase in arrivals and revenue, as shown by official figures.

According to the ministry’s plan for Crete to extend the island’s summer tourism season and boost visitor numbers, thematic tourist products are being promoted throughout the island, agreements are being sealed with tour operators and travel agencies and negotiations with airlines are taking place.


In this context, the tourism ministry is seeking to ensure that a sufficient number of hotels, tourism businesses and the local market will operate throughout the year to facilitate visitors.

Moreover, priorities for the island’s development include linking tourism with the agricultural sector.

“Crete has excellent local products and the unique Cretan diet, and their connection with tourism will strengthen the professionals and producers and will give the tourist product a high added value,” Kountoura said.

The minister added that the government and the tourism ministry are promoting sustainable tourism development, aiming for the economic benefits to benefit all local communities, create new jobs and increase investment.

While on Crete, Kountoura also attended a meeting with sector representatives and all the productive bodies of the prefecture, held at the Chamber of Chania.

The tourism ministry is in close cooperation with the Region of Crete, local authorities, chambers, local tourism bodies and the private sector to implement programs and actions for the development, promotion and promotion of Crete, an announcement by the ministry said.